Dennis Grauel ‣ Manifesto on Type
Wurundjeri Country

A type manifesto, 2022.

Type is not passive

Type marks and enforces borders

Type renders violence orderly

Type is authoritarian

Type creates an in-group and an out-group

Type co-opts, appropriates and extracts

Type colonises

Type launders institutions

Type constructs legitimacy

Type is conserved, and conservative

Type is a hierarchical structure

Type is policed, and polices bodies

Type is guarded and gate-kept

Type is expensive

Type is competitive

Type serves property and property owners

Type is political

Type might be interrogated

Type might be subversive

Type might reveal and challenge injustice

Type might be inclusive and caring

Type might create counter-spaces

Type might represent community

Type might be grounded in place

Type might understand its relation to stolen land

Type might be collaborative

Type might live in the commons

Type might be free/open-source

Type might have non-visual forms

Type might be embodied

Type might be an action

Type might incite radical ideas of care

Type might fiercely express identities

Type might strengthen solidarities

Type might be liberated, and liberate others